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Interior Millwork

Make the interior of your home beautiful with all the different options of Millwork products. LS Building products has it’s own Millwork Division where we hang our own doors and pre-finish the products.

Interior Doors

Masonite Interior Doors

If you're looking for a glass door, French door, or closet door, you've come to the right place. Masonite combines a long standing spirit of innovation with customer focused product development making Masonite Interior Doors the #1 choice among builders, and The Brand Used Most for the last 7 consecutive years. Our extensive line of interior door products includes glass doors, French doors, and closet doors. Constantly expanding our diverse line of doors to meet any design or budget, Masonite continues to be the brand that builders, remodelers and homeowners choose most in their quest to create beautiful homes.


Woodport Interior Doors

Here at Woodport Doors, we offer an array of wooden door sizes, shapes and styles of doors. From French doors to café doors, doors fit for bedrooms and others best suited for closets; our selection is always growing. Choose from solid wooden panels or decorative glass doors. At Woodport Doors, we are passionate about keeping jobs in America. When you purchase a custom door from Woodport Doors, you know they were made by hardworking American men and women whose jobs are helping to keep our economy moving forward. 


Dedicated to the highest level of design and quality, TruStile® doors blend the latest technology with hand craftsmanship. Consider the important — and often overlooked — role doors play as a critical element in home design.

Interior Trim


Moulding and interior finishings set the stage for the style throughout the home. Since 1926, we’ve helped transform spaces with exquisitely crafted architectural trim. Over the years we have grown to become the largest manufacturer and supplier of solid wood and composite moulding in North America. In addition to our extensive portfolio of moulding profiles, we developed Then & Now Finishing Collections™, a series of professionally designed and coordinated interior trim and doors that take the guesswork out of selecting interior finishings.


The Empire Company was founded in 1946 as a small regional distributor of building materials serviced from a single location. During the 60's and 70's, the company's focus began to shift from rough construction products to millwork. Since that time, Empire has grown into one of the largest millwork distribution and manufacturing companies in the United States. "The customer always comes first." This has been the underlying theme to Empire's success and growth. From the beginning of the supply chain to wherever your business is, Empire is working hard for you.


ResinArt, the originator of flexible trim mouldings, first introduced this problem solving, innovative product to the building industry in the 1967 and is now the largest manufacturer of flexible moulding worldwide.

Rayner & Rinn Scott

For over 20 years, Rayner & Rinn-Scott, Inc. has helped my business grow by funneling great business my way and by helping me find the right products for ongoing projects.



For Architectural Series columns, finger-jointed* or solid staves are milled to required dimensions, assembled using the strongest Type-I waterproof glue, then metal-banded for curing. A computer-controlled lathe turns the assembled shaft to the precise taper desired, complete with true architectural entasis. The top is profiled, the entire column is machine sanded and flutes are milled at precise intervals and depths, ending in full half-rounds at the top and bottom (except on Greek Doric).

Stair Parts

How would you describe your stairway? Dated? Old? Lifeless?

Creative can help. Our beautiful collections of wood and iron will breathe life back into your stairway. Enjoy classic and contemporary design without sacrificing the quality that will stand the test of time. Why settle for ordinary design when you can get Creative?

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